Potty Mouth

by ranpen on November 22, 2010

Port A Potty $20.00 — CASH ONLY
On wheels – - seat lifts off for port a potty use with detachable pot
Could possibly be wheeled over toilet stool – that depends on room around toilet stool
From Estate Sale
Apx 5 yrs old

From: Randy Penny
Sent: Mon 11/22/10 8:57 AM
To: sale———@craigslist.org

Hi there,
This port a potty looks like it would come in handy.  Is it still available?   Let me know.


From: deedee——@aol.com
Sent: Mon 11/22/10 9:00 AM
To: Randy Penny

Yes it is still available – cash only and we can deliver within 15 mile radius of 72 & ——-

From: Randy Penny
Sent: Mon 11/22/10 9:47 AM
To: deedee——-@aol.com

Great!  I’ve been looking for a port a potty,  especially one on wheels.  You never know when nature will call!  I’ll probably bring it to concerts, movies, conferences, and maybe the occasional prayer group.  Can you briefly describe how it works?  At first glance, it looks as though it’s just a chair and a bucket.  Have you used it before?  How will I dispose of all the fecal matter?  Will you be available to deliver this week?  If you need it for Thanksgiving,  I understand.   Let me know.


From: deedee——-@aol.com
Sent: Mon 11/22/10 9:57 AM
To: Randy Penny

This is from an estate sale so I never used it. I don’t think it would be easy to push like one would push a wheelchair. There are no handles on back of chair like a wheel chair has.  It does have wheels but that is for ease of movement of the chair.  It has a cushion seat on it for use of sitting on – like wheel up to a table. The cushion comes off and there is a seat like one finds on a toilet with the bucket below. The bucket has to be manually removed and residual flushed down toilet and the bucket is rinsed out.

I plan to list another one from same estate which is sturdier.  It is built like a wheel chair with the port a potty built in. There is no solid cushion to cover the top of the port a potty part but it does have wheel chair wheels and handles in back to push while someone is in it. Cleaning would be same as above.

I am waiting to hear from estate executor on pricing it and will list it later this afternoon or this evening. And yes, could deliver this week.

From: Randy Penny
Sent: Mon 11/22/10 11:00 AM
To: deedee——-@aol.com

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!  So, in order to clarify, here is a hypothetical scenario:  Tomorrow I’d like to take the office chair out of my cubicle and replace it with the port a potty.  Generally, I eat lunch in my cubicle (most often a ham sandwich and some type of pasta salad).  When, I’m finished eating lunch,  I’ll simply remove the synthetic leather chair top to reveal the toilet seat, and defecate and urinate in the bucket below.   Then, I’ll carry the bucket to the office men’s room, and flush all waste down the toilet.  This is how it works, correct?   Do you think I should opt for the sturdier of the two?  Perhaps, it would be beneficial to have a port a potty that will allow for more mobility.  But, then again, I’d need two helpers: one to push the chair, and one to hold the bucket.  Let me know your thoughts.


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