Originally published in 2010, Randy Penny: Cordially F*#^ing With People is a collection of hilariously wacky email exchanges between Randy Penny and people who, among other things, use the internet to sell worthless crap.  Now, you can get your hands on this Super Neat 10th Anniversary Edition, which features an updated design and never-before-seen content.


The book will probably make you laugh pretty hard. But, you can also use it to stabilize a wobbly table, seal a drafty window, or soak up any pee that doesn’t make it into the toilet.

“In the grand tradition of the Lazlo Letters and Letters from a Nut comes the next generation of mess-with-their-heads correspondence, Randy Penny. This stuff is Laugh Out Loud Funny from beginning to end. No cursing, no yelling – all of it hilarious. If you don’t think this book is funny – kill yourself.”  – Nick Griffin, super awesome comedian



Oh god! This shit is hilarious! Hahahahahaha! – Mike P.


I almost peed reading it! – Lisa C.


i. can’t. breathe. – Megan L. 


I’m dying laughing! – Amina H.