Can You Build Me a Home?

From: Randy Penny
Date:: Mon 3/1/10 4:40 PM

Hello Mr. Allismo,

I am looking for an innovative, highly skilled architect for my latest project.  I’ve been impressed with your remarkable design work throughout the Heartland, and believe that you just may be the perfect man for the job.  I’ll need your help in constructing a 10 X 20, glass-enclosed living space for my pet Sugar Glider.  His name is Rocco, and he’s a very rambunctious two years old.  Sugar Gliders are actually small Marsupials, so please keep in mind that Rocco will require a pole or small tree to climb up and down. A tree is preferable for marsupials.  I’d like Rocco’s cage to be modeled after a contemporary three-story home, with area’s specific to Rocco’s needs.  Believe it or not, Rocco likes fashion magazines.  I don’t think he actually reads them, but it certainly appears that he does.  I’d like him to have an area that will allow him to devote his time strictly to his magazines.  He’ll also need sleeping quarters and, of course, an area to defecate in.

I’ve drawn up some rough blueprints for your review.  When are you available to discuss this in further detail?



From: ——–
Date: Mon 3/1/2010 9:42 PM
To: Randy Penny

No thanks



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