Crappy Customer

2 12 x 14 garage doors. Commercial garage door openers. Glass entry-way door. 3 7′ x 5′ panes of glass. Toilets – handicapped and regular. Lav sinks. Furnaces all types. Water heaters. More salvage items available


From: Randy Penny
Sent: Wed 6/23/10 2:47 PM
To: sale——–


I am looking for toilets, one handicapped and one regular.  Are these still available?  Please let me know as soon as you can.



From: John
Sent: Sat 6/26/10 2:08 PM
To: Randy Penny

yes still available


From: Randy Penny
Sent: Tue 6/29/10 11:03 AM
To: John

Hi John!

It’s funny that your name is John, and you’re selling me a “john”.  I’m glad these are still available.  When was the last time they were used?  I’m remodeling,  and I think these toilets would be a tremendous fit.  Of course, I want to be sure before I take them home.  Would it be possible to stop by one day this week?  I do need both the regular toilet and the handicapped toilet.  I am regular, and my roommate is handicapped.  Can I bring him along so we can give the toilets a test drive?

Let me know


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