Ugly Mugs

6 Travel Mugs (with Lids)

Lot of 6 cups/mugs with lids for only $3


From: Randy Penny
Sent: Mon 4/14/10  2:05 PM
To: sale———


I didn’t think it was possible that somebody looking for 6 travel mugs would stumble across somebody selling 6 travel mugs.  What a world we live in! I have 6 cupholders in my vehicle, and I like to make sure that each is occupied by a different cup containing a different beverage.  I prefer black coffee, orange juice with minimal pulp, ice water, Schweppes Ginger Ale, boysenberry iced tea, and Kikkoman rice wine.  These mugs will be perfect, because they are travel mugs.  Though, I do have my own lids.  Can I have the mugs, and not the lids?  Also, I’m not the biggest Dallas Cowboys fan.  Is it possible to swap out the Cowboys mug sleeve for a Carolina Panthers sleeve, or perhaps even the Cleveland Browns?

Let me know.  I’d like to get my hands on these as soon as I can.


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